SCL Site and Hourly (Residential) Services

Independence is the key to people being served by Concerned, Inc. in our residential programs.  Each person being served decides on the goals he or she wants to achieve.  We assist each individual in achieving these goals.

We provide Supported Community Living Site and Hourly Services for people with disabilities through the HCBS Medicaid Waiver program.  This program specifically makes a point of integrating people with disabilities into the community.  Therefore, the support takes place in their homes, not at our agency.

Amy standing in front of her new homeResidential home with persons served  
Alan standing in front of his new home.Jeff cooking in his kitchen.  

Home and Community-Based Services Residential Waiver Program

  • Supported Community Living - These services are for any adult or child that meets the admission criteria.  One to twenty-four hours can be provided daily.  The support staff assists the individual in learning their daily living skills in their home, apartment or shared living arrangement

  • Respite - These services are available to any adult or child living at home with their family or guardian.  The program is designed to provide short-term relief for the caregivers, such as a night out, shopping, vacations, etc.  This service takes place in the individual's home and may not be used while the parents or guardians are at work.

  • Representative Payee Services - This service assists you with managing your money.  Staff will help you with check writing, paying your bills, and manage other aspects of your personal income based on what your needs and level of independence with these tasks are. 

The Supported Community Living program is set up to be individualized for what that person wants.  The program is flexible to meet the goals of the individual in an environment where the individual's rights are practiced.

Services provided within this service include:

  • Training and support in daily living skills

  • Training and support in health needs and services

  • Training and support in assessing the resources within the community

  • Training and support in community living skills

Concerned, Inc. is licensed and accredited in their residential services by the State Department of Human Services.

To complete an Application for Services, click here to download the form in PDF format.  You can then mail or fax the completed form to the address or fax number below.

Application For Services

For more information or to refer someone to one of our programs, please contact:

For SCL Hourly & Respite Services:
Nicki Farrell, SCL Hourly Coordinator
(712) 755-5834 phone
(712) 755-7775 fax
Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm

Click here to email Nicki
For SCL Site Services:
Alisha Edgecomb, SCL Site Coordinator
(712) 755-5834 phone
(712) 755-7775 fax
Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm

Click here to email Alisha

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