Concerned, Inc. provides a varied list of services to people in our community.  These services are designed for people with disabilities.  Our function in providing these services is to assist people with disabilities in becoming more independent in all areas of their lives.  These services include:

Concerned, Inc. is continually assessing the needs of our community.  We will provide new services as the needs for those services becomes apparent.  As these services are developed, they will be added to our list of services included in our web site.

Timeline for Services for People with Disabilities
At A Glance

 At What Age

 Who to Contact

 Services Available

 Action Steps




SCL Hourly


*   Contact IDHS for funding options and Case Management

Age 14

Your School


SCL Hourly


*   Statement of need may be added to IEP for Services

*   Contact Concerned, Inc. to become involved on IEP Team

Age 16


Community Employment


SCL Hourly

*   Statement of need may be added to IEP for vocational training

*   Contact IVRS to become involved on IEP Team

Age 18


Housing (SCL Site)

Community Employment

Adult Day Services


SCL Hourly

*   Tour Concerned, Inc. to find out about services that are available to you. If you are age 24+ Work Services may be available.

Acronymn List

IDHS-Iowa Department of Human Services

IVRS-Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

CPC-Central Point of Coordination

SCL-Supported Community Living

IEP-Individual Education Plan


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