Organizational Employment (Work Services)

Work Services or Organizational Employment is a a job skills training center in which the people we serve learn different skills in a workshop setting while earning a paycheck.  Individuals have a choice of different jobs that are paid piece-rate or by the hour.

Each person will decide on what goals they want to achieve and will be supported by staff at Concerned, Inc. in reaching those goals.  Individual job skills training will be available to all individuals working in this program along with basic education if the people we serve should want to work in specific education areas.

Persons served work on small parts assembly.David labels polybags.  
Kurt works on the janitorial crew.Persons served choose their goals.  

People we serve may also choose how often they attend this service.  It may be part-time or full-time.

Our staff is trained in assisting each individual we serve in becoming more independent in all areas of our lives.  One of our goals is to make each person we serve independent in personal, community and vocational settings.  We have only been successful when the people we serve no longer need the support we offer.

Our staff works with the people we serve both in a group setting and individually in basic work skills such as attendance, safety, following directions, and staying on task.  Interpersonal skills such as working with others, personal hygiene and honesty are also important elements of job skill development.

To complete an Application for Services, click here to download the form in PDF format.  You can then mail or fax the completed form to the address or fax number below.

Application For Services

For more information, or if you have questions about Work Skills Training or Work Services, please contact:

Deb Henrich
Client Services Coordinator
(712) 755-5834 phone
(712) 755-7775 fax
Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm

Click here to email Deb

Contract Work

In the past ten years, Concerned, Inc. has developed successful business partnerships with a number of local businesses by meeting their needs.

The purpose of Concerned, Inc.'s production service is to provide area businesses with an option that will allow them to get their work completed while saving money, space and time.  Our services provide businesses with cost savings, piece-rate work, pick-up and delivery.  We guarantee satisfaction with a savings to the businesses we serve.

Some of the benefits include reduced cost, paying only for the actual work completed, work completed satisfactorily on time, space savings, time savings, and employee training and turnover savings.

We offer a variety of different services which include packaging, assembly, heat sealing, mailing/collating, sorting, and custodial.

We have worked with the following businesses:

  • Menards (Shelby)
  • Conductix (Harlan)
  • Oriental Trading Company
  • Conductix (Omaha)
  • Shelby County ASCS
  • Pizza Ranch
  • Pizza Hut
  • Variety Distributors
  • Lifestyle Marketing, Inc.

  • The Fourth Generation

  • Logeland Studios

  • Western Engineering

  • Harlan Newspaper
  • Jacobs Corporation
  • The Rocket
  • Harlan Municipal Utilities
  • Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
  • Murphy Signs
  • Shelby County State Bank
  • Trausch Industries
  • Synergy, Inc.
  • Major Plastics, Inc.
  • Superior Midwest Foods

For more information, or if you have questions about Contract Work, please contact:

Dan Fowler
Procurement Coordinator
(712) 755-5834 phone
(712) 755-7775 fax
Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm

Click here to email Dan Fowler

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